Ziarat Services is one of the prestigious and religious tour operation and we have been in this tourism business for the past several years. Main purpose of such tours are to familiarize people with Holy places, their importance in History and our lives by guiding them from the day one is registered with us, till the day they get back to their home.

The silent features of our tours are:-

  • Formation of groups to visit sacred places in Iran, Iraq and Syria
  • Economical and Executive Packages
  • Personalized Services
  • Comfort and Satisfaction oriented
  • Services of Ulma and Zakireen

We provide the following Services for the ziarat of Syeda Zainab (AS) in Damascus, Syria.

  •  Visa Arrangements
  •  Accommodation
  •  Transportation with Airport Pick & Drop Service
  •  Ziarat of All Holy and Historical Places with trained guides
    2.Palmyra ( Tadmor )
    4.Aleppo Citadel
  • Customized Packages
  • Accomodations (3-5***** as per demand)
  • Ziarat of Zainabia
    -Roza-e-Hazrat Zainab (AS) binte Hazrat Ali (AS)
  • Ziarat of Atraf-e-Damascus
    -Roza Hajr Bin Addi (RA)
  • Ziarat of Raqa (5 hours drive from Zainabia)
    -Qabr Hazrat Uwais e Qarni (RA)
    -Qabr Hazrat Ammar Yasir (RA)
  • Ziarat of Halab (4 hours drive from Zainabia
    -Masshad-ul-Hussain ( AS )
    -Roza Hazrat Zakaria (AS)
    -Roza Hazrat Mohsin Ibne Imam Hussain (AS)
  • Ziarat of Syeda Ruqqiya (AS) / Bazar-e-Sham / Darbar-e-Sham
    -Roza-e-Hazrat Ruqqiya Bint-e-Imam Hussain (AS)
    -Qabr Hazrat Yahya prophet (AS)
    -Raas Ul Hussain (AS)
    -Mussala Imam Zainulabdeen (AS)
  • Ziarat of Bab-e-Sagheer
    -Hazrat Umme Salma (AS)
    -Hazrat Umme Habiba (AS)
    -Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Imam Zainulabdeen (AS)
    -Hazrat Sukaina Binte Imam Hussain (AS)
    -Hazrat Umme Kulsoom Binte Hazrat Ali (AS)
    -Hazrat Fatima Sughra (AS) Binte Imam Hussain (AS)
    -Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Jaffer-e-Tayyar (AS)
    -Hazrat Bilal, Moazzin Rasool-e-Khuda (S.A.W)
    -Hazrat Fizza Kaneez-e-Khas of Hazrat Fatima (AS)
    -Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS)
    -Maqam Sar hai Shuaada e Karbla and Masjid Imam e Zainulabdeen (AS)